:: diy with pie n' the sky ::

My name is Melisa, from Pie N' the Sky. I feel so lucky to be contributing to Miss Lauren's DIY Week!! I'm currently still in college, so I live in a dorm. Therefore, I don't have very much space to put up Christmas decorations. I thought this DIY would be nifty for those of you who may not have enough space to put up a giant Christmas tree, or who just want to add a little bit of holiday decor to your already lovely rooms:)

To begin, you'll need:
-glue gun
-buttons and other fun decorations
-a styrofoam cone

Step 1: Loop your yarn around the base of the cone and tie a knot. Then begin to wrap it until you reach the top.

Step Two: Once you've reached the top, then cut your yarn and hot glue the end, to the top of your cone.

Step Three: Add all of your buttons/decorations to your tree. they can be as random or orderly as you'd like:) You'll also add your topper to the top of the cone. I used hot glue to keep them in place:)

Step Four: You're finished! It really is quite easy and I'm sure yours will look just wonderful!

Thank you all for having me! I hope to come back and visit. Have a lovely day!

xo. Melisa