- fall table display -

want to see what i did this weekend? scroll... down...

what i considered to be a rustic version of the "bow" napkin. i folded a square and tied a piece of jute twine around the center to create the bow shape. then picked a few good looking leaves from a bush out front!

some dried wheat in a bottle, a vine-ey twig-ey pumpkin and of course a candle for a simple centerpiece

then i added my flag garland i mentioned i was going to make in this post

there are a few other touches around the house... but the dining room was my favorite. the best part? i did it all with things i already had! i love when you dig through closets and find things you forgot about!
what did you do this weekend?

today was the first time i think i've ever been happy it rained... i'm so sick of the hot weather! this cold rainy day was a great change. i'm looking forward to another one tomorrow, but this time i'll be grabbing a pumpking spice latte and enjoying "fall" while it lasts {because as you know if you're in ca... back to summer temps this weekend, grr!}

{xo, l}