... where would you hide?

if you were a kitten?

[image via sofies-verden]

my plan was to share a million adorable photos of my new kitten tonight... but i can't find him {and nope, that's not him up there}... yes, i'm serious. and seriously bummed. apparently it's normal for kittens to hide when they are put into a new home, like for DAYS! the bf and i have both spent hours and hours looking for little baby louis tonight with no luck. now it's time to hit the sack, and i'm hoping 1 of the treats i've left out for him has tricked him out of his hiding spot by morning.
so where would you hide if you were a scared little kitten in a new home? i'm honestly looking for suggestions because i feel like i've looked in every nook and cranny pretty much tearing my house apart in the process.

{ xo, l }
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