{a faulously thrifty thursday... pretty little napkin rings}

does anyone need a quick and easy update for your dinner table?
head to your local grocery store, pick up some shower curtain rings, and read below to turn those into pretty accessories for your table instead of boring ones for your bathroom...


+ shower curtain rings (plain plastic)... any color will work
+ about 7 feet of yarn, or you can use some old fabric cut into strips (basically anything you can wrap around the ring)
+ fabric scraps (i used some left over muslin) cut into little petal shapes (10) shown above
+ 1 small strip of kraft paper (or use a grocery bag)
+ scissors, glue gun, stamps or sharpie

> tie your yarn in a knot around your ring <

> start wrapping until... <

> it looks like this. you can tie the ends together and cut off the excess <

> take your scrap fabric petals, fold, and hot glue them like the image above <

> start glueing each petal to form a flower <

> 5 petals should complete 1 full flower <

> make 2... put a final dot of glue in the middle of one, and glue the other on top <

> then glue your completed flower to your yarn wrapped ring... put it on top of where you tied your final knot to hide it <

> time to stamp or write a little place card <

> stamp your guests names (or even fun little sayings!), cut to size <

> add a small dot of glue to the end of your kraft paper and stick underneath the flower <

> tada! fun napkin rings for your table! <

enjoy! and if anyone makes variations of these, please share, i'd love to see!