- a fabulously thrifty thursday :: fall garland diy -

tomorrow is october 1st... even if the weather doesn't say so and the calendar said it weeks ago, tomorrow is when i really consider it fall. so i wanted to share an easy way to fall-ify your home!
quick and easy fall garland tutorial:

gather some leaves, real or fake... i would have loved to use real leaves, but, nature hasn't graced our yard with these pretties yet, and i figure this will last until thanksgiving:)
the only other supplies you'll need are thread, a needle, and some scissors

measure where you plan on hanging this, but your thread to length and start sewing
from the back side of the leave thread the needle up then back through. this will keep the leaves nice and flat when you hang

pull your thread almost to the end and tie a quick knot to keep the first leaf on

i set my leaves up so i got a "random"effect {yep, i understand by doing this it isn't random, but you get my point}

continue sewing on each leaf just like you did the first
i only tied up my first and last leaves so i could adjust the ones in between by sliding them where needed once hung
within a few minutes, you are ready for fall!

this cost a DOLLAR, yes a $1, a buck
a small bag of faux leaves at the craft store {michaels} cost $1 and i had the thread and other tools needed
2 more garlands will be joining this one in the next few days...
a mini flag garland made w/ washi tape
and a dried wheat garland similar to the one mentioned here

i guess this weekend calls for a trip into the super fun attic to find the dried wheat, although it might just be easier to go buy some:)

{xo, l}