...weekend recap and my tropical dessert table...

how was everyones weekend?
i made about 750 of these bad boys::

mini envelopes
it seemed like such an adorable idea until i realized how many i actually had to make... lesson learned. calculate your workload before commiting to a deadline:) it was a fun order, but i'm glad it's finished and out of my hands!

here's something i've been wanting to share... i did a little dessert table for a party my mom had about two weeks ago. she was going for a tropical look, so i tried to keep all of the treats in the green/yellow/orange fam with a little brown, because you can't have a dessert table without chocolate.

i used a few of my cake stands, dessert flags, and customized signs for each dessert.
there was nothing left the next day when i went back for clean up... which means my buffet was a hit!
i'm so glad to be back to a normal week with a normal work load... hope you have a fab week as well!