pretty purse necklaces

can you believe it's august already?
i can't... i'm pretty excited that i'll get to wear scarves and boots and hats again soon, but bummed that the days are getting shorter and backyard bbq's will probably become less and less frequent.  i know, i'm getting way ahead of myself... there's still another 2 months of nice weather:)
so i got the new urban catalogue in the mail last week and fell in love with almost everything as usual. there was something that definitely stoood out though.  they had this great purse/necklace piece that {from what i could see} was fully beaded and gorgeous. i went on-line to find it so i could share it... but had no luck.  not sure if it sold out or what. oh well, i did a little etsy search and found plenty more pretties for you!

i would so love to have one of these for garage sale-ing! i usually have a coffee in one hand and my wallet in the other, which means fumbling with peoples belongings in their yards, trying not to spill my coffee on anything, usually handing everything to ryan anyways... garage sale chaos, it's a problem:) these guys would just make life so much easier.

{via glowstoes}

{via glowstoes}

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how was your weekend?
i had girls night out on saturday... so fun, we went down to the beach and did a little wining, dining, and dancing:)
then yesterday decided to switch up the usual sunday bbq we do w/ friends and made the most delicious paninis! ciabatta w/ a little olive oil, prosciutto, mozerella, sun dried tomatoes and basil, yum:)
{sorry if totally butchered the spelling on any of those ingredients!}

have  lovel monday