i know i said i'd be back last week... but we decided to extend our stay {once we got there and were questioning why we were coming back so early?}.  we flew back home saturday and it's been a bit crazy since then {being a holiday weekend and all}.  so today is pretty much my first normal day being home and getting back into my routine, everyone hates me for saying it, but it's actually kind of nice to be back... i mean expect for the work part!
i have lots and lots of photos to share, but first need to make them a little prettier:) {don't worry, i won't bore you with TOO many} but i wanted to share one of my favorites from our first morning there...

oh, and i have a little favor to ask because i trust all of your opinions!  remember how i was talking about revamping {wait, actually DOING for the first time} my business card? well margaret from paper pastries sent me some lovely new choices to use on my card!  i love both so much and need your help deciding... which one is your favorite?

option 1... rosa?

option 2... katie?

hope you all had a lovely long weekend
i'll be back soon to share more of mine!