:: a fabulously thrifty thursday ::

hello and happy thursday
i love a good deal, a cheap and easy diy project, a simple and friendly on the wallet recipe, etc., etc...
so i thought why not share all this fun stuff with you ladies by starting a weekly feature, appropriately named, a fabulously thrifty thursday!
my first diy project is a fun little coffee sleeve i've been wanting to make forever!  It's super inexpensive and easy to put together... plus, most of you probably already have this stuff floating around in your house.

- you'll need 2 pieces of felt in your fave colors {these were only 25 cents, score!}
- a cardboard sleeve from your local coffee shop {which means you have to go get a yummy drink, bummer... or you can just "borrow" one like i did}
the rest you probably already have!
- thread
- scissors
- pen
- needle
- some sort of embellishment for the center {i used a sequin}

trace... simple


cut 5 circles starting with the biggest and working your way down to a smaller circle {to create a flower}

stack em and stitch them all together

attach your embellishment in the center

attach to the "sleeve"
{i placed mine off to the side}

ta da! now you're green and chic!

please excuse the lovely glass i had to demonstrate on... the coffee cup i was saving for pictures ended up in the trash {the one time the bf actually throws something away...}
hope you have fun making your own!