+the weekend+

it's friday, which means i'm extremely UNfocused... i can barely pay attention long enough to write this:)
various things i've done today include filing my nails, picking dog hair off of my black tee, using the restroom about 3 times already (too much info?), chewing lots of gum (a new flavor, watermelon sprin, yum), thinking of what i should have for lunch, and next on the list is calling my mom. productive huh?
i've also successfully gotten all of the pink and blue paint off of my nails from last night. why do i have paint (not polish, paint) on my hands you ask, well let me tell you:) Ryan has a building that he works/plays out if {lots of car stuff, tools, etc}, and i get to do whatever i want to the inside office area! so, we decided i should make it a little office and studio area so when he's there working, i can be too. anyways, a friend of ours gave us an old dining table for free [score] that i can use as my desk. it needs a major face lift though. so i took some paint i had over there last night to test it out. i took pictures to share with you girls, but totally forgot to upload them. will share them this weekend, promise:) i tried a light pink, with a coral tone to it, and a mellowed out version of tiffany blue. i think i like the blue... i'm thinking the pink my look to little girls room? well, you'll see when i share. i'm super excited about decorating this space though! i will definitely be showing before and afters.
as for the rest of my friday evening + weekend, here's what i plan on doing::

what i'm hoping for is finding a great pair of chairs for the yard... in metal.  Niko (aka destructo as Ryan likes to call him), one of our dogs, decided to eat the last wicker chairs i had.  so now i have a lovely table, and no chairs to enjoy the sunset.  wish me luck:)