[book shelf, not just for books]

hello lovelies!
how was your weekend?  did you do anything fun?

i ran my half marathon yesterday and finished in under 2 hours (my goal), yay!  and worked on more stuff for my etsy shop update.  i'll share a little sneak peak and give more details tomorrow:)

i've been bitten by the decorating bug...
when i first moved in with Ryan, i was a crazy decorating fool, we basically re-decorated his bachelor pad in a matter of a few months.  i haven't done anything in a while... like at least 6 months.  my dining table still has wintery colored settings... i need to update!
i saw this adorable idea today over at sweet paul.
i'm loving these book shelfs... a shelf made out of a book, not an actual book shelf:)

have a fabulous monday
see you tomorrow w/ more on my shop update!