... teaser ...

Hi! Remeber the mini photo shoot i told you all about?  Well... unfortunately, my sis got sick that weekend:(
So we rescheduled and made last minute plans for today after i got off work.
I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the fun pictures she got!

It was amazing how a quick trip to trader joes {mini cakes and gorgeous flowers} and party city (balloons!} made our little shoot so much prettier!
oh! and i continue to forget to mention a little thing called blog it forward i'm participating in!
You can click the link above or over on your right.
Head over and look at all of the lovely blogs on the list:)  I'll be contributing my part 4.13!
one last thing... i found my boots {thank goodness i didn't through them in the trash a few months ago!} can't wait to post my mini diy:)