[ on the hunt ]

see below:)

who's up for a photo scavenger hung?
i came across a new blog, r's adventure, and she came up with this awesome idea... how fun right?
well it made me want to have one too!
i've been wanting to use my camera more, but always have a hard time figuring out what to take pictures of.  this is the perfect opportunity to focus on a few things and get creative with the shots.
so break out your camera's ladies, here's the list!

1. a collection
2. candy
3. an object you use daily
4. something in your favorite color
5. self portrait
6. the number 3
7. your favorite spot {home, neighborhood, whereever}
8. breakfast {hopefully it's not candy:)}
9. someone/thing you love
10. a handwritten message

i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
here's how we'll do it... if you want to participate, just send me your pictures {via email} to share with everyone here.  if you only do a few, that's totally fine, send me what you want!
please also let me know how you want your pic linked back {blog, flickr, etc}
i'll shoot for next friday Monday the 10th to have everything wrapped up and ready to share?  sound good?
have fun and have a lovely weekend!
guess you need my email!