[blog it forward]

Hello Lovelies!
Welcome to my blog it forward day!  Thanks so much for stopping in to take a little peek at what i find inspirational.
Oh my goodness, i could seriously go on for days and days with a list of things that inspire me, because, well, just about everything beautiful inspires me.  I used to have this screwy  mentality that nothing could be beautiful unless it cost lots of money.  But then... i grew up and opened my eyes and started to see that there is so much more that is lovely, and it all doesn't have to come from tiffanys or pottery barn:)
So most of my inspiration that i will share with you is about the feeling it gives me, not just having that thing in the picture.

{outdoor celebrations}
... entertaining outdoor gives me a warm cozy feeling inside:) i think mostly because it reminds me of family and friends, sitting around talking, eating, and enjoying their company. when i create things for parties, i want people to imagine themselves using it in a setting like this ...

... obviously anything that has something to do with entertaining inspires me, and i think that cupcakes are the standard celebration dessert! everything is more fun when there are cupcakes ...
{mini things}
... really not sure why i like things that are mini, but i do, and they make me happy ...

... everyone loves receiving something gorgeous in the mail, these inspire me to take a few extra mintues and package my items just as lovely to bring a little fun to a customers day ...

i hope that what inspires me brought you all a bit of inspiration as well!
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