{crochet away}

Hi and HAPPY friday!!!
I'm so glad it's friday... it's been a looong week with work and i am SO ready to hit the road and do what i want for 2 days:)
i've been seeing crochet and knit products all over the blog world and internet and i'm in LOVE!  so yesterday i went to my local craft store, grabbed a pretty pink, umm, needle that you crochet with {not sure what they're called... yet} and of course 4 different colors of yarn.  i was going in for one, but they were just SO pretty... i know you understand:)
then i watched a few tutorials last night and am ready the crochet my weekend away!
here are some pretties i found that inspire me to learn::

do you like to knit or crochet?
what do you like to make?  please share! i'd love to see:)
have a beautiful weekend