coffee and krispies

it's the bf's bday tomorrow... he has a lot of surprises in store this week!  i'm REALLY bad with keeping surprises.  these past few weeks have been painful.

tomorrow will start out with a little breakfast in bed {lucky} which will include his fave... rice krispies.  yes, they're even his favorite breakfast food, i think he would eat them for every meal if he could.
then lots of fun presents from his fabulous gf:)
followed by a lovely sunset dinner... oceanside {luckily i get to enjoy this too}
then his surprise party friday!  it's killing me!
{don't worry, he doesn't read this... or anything "girly/crafty"}
oh, did i forget the surprise ski trip his friends have planned for him?  or the wine tasting he's being taken to on saturday... um, at the ritz?
he's a lucky guy this year, but totally deserves it all.

wish me luck keeping these secrets, ha:)