block printing extravaganza... kind of

My progress...

look at this hunk of wood, i cut it myself, with a saw:)  impressed?

the "shape" i cut out that vaguely resembled a heart {gonna practice my scissor skills}

testing on an old tee... i love it!

another size i made because i was on a role:)
Now, I did notice a little hiccup with using the foam.  You can see there are lines where the paint gets brushed on {i was using one of those cheapy foam brushes}.  I believe this issue would be easily solved by using a roller typically used for block printing right?
Either way I LOVE the results!  There's no doubt I need a little practice with the cutting, but foam is cheap!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend (those of you joining me in orange county, lets not get the rain get us down:) and I hope to have our mini sale up by Monday for you to check out!