3 lovelies

Hello Ladies!
Hope everyones week is going fabulously... i'm taking a little break from laundry {snore} to post.
I found something fun on red velvet girls.  They did a post called 5 things.  And since there are 4 different girls that contribute to the blog (oh, and they also have their own which are SO cute) they each did their own.  Basically there are 5 questions and they have to list 5 things for those questions... example, 5 things you did yesterday.

As you may know, i LOVE lists, not sure why, it's one of my small obsessions {can obsessions be small???}.  AND i thought it might be fun to share a little more about me.  I post a lot about things i like, things that inspire me, etc.  But not a lot just about me... maybe you will find it interesting, maybe you won't, but i think it'll be a fun little post once in a while and i'd love to have all of you join in and answer the questions as well!  I have a small following now but would really enjoy getting to know my audience better!
So, here we go:)  oh ya, i think i'm gonna call mine 3 things, not 5... i'd like to take inspiration from their post, not copy it!

3 things i'm looking forward to::
my bday next month!  i have so many ideas {see my inspiration here}, so i'm not sure if i'm looking forward to preparing more or actually celebrating:), making lots and lots of fabric flowers i found a tutorial on, and a clean house, ha.  but this actually involves work by me, this might take a while

3 things i wish i had someone else doing for me right now:)
cooking me dinner, folding my laundry, and climbing up in the attic to get my ski gear down for a trip this weekend

3 things i enjoyed today::
spending time with my sis, smelling my vday flowers that are still going strong!, and sleeping in a little late {late to work though, oops}

Have a lovely wednesday
Can't wait to hear what you enjoyed, want a butler to do, or are looking forward to!