... the mondays ...

{via flickr:: claudia.susana}
we all have them... now here's my attempt to make them better:)
I love love love when I see ladies making lists on their blogs, and I see it a lot. They range from things they love, to things they need to do, to things that inspire them. And that inspired me.
I started thinking last night, what if each Monday I made a list of things I want to accomplish this week... I think it would give me the push to actually MEET the goals that i've set AND inspire me to do more than just have a glass of wine and watch seinfeld when i get home:)
So here it goes!
1... finish 1 new project for my etsy shop
2... comment on at least 1 blog a day
3... stop getting involved in other's drama
4... get organized at my day job so i'm less stressed when i come home
I'm starting slow and we'll see what happens. And as always i'd love to hear your "goals" for the week/month/year! Hopefully #2 will help get more readers here to participate:)