- happy new year -

After a long... LONG break, I'm back!
I got a little caught up in the holidays and work got a bit hectic. Unfortunately all of that made me lose focus on everything from my blog to my etsy shop. With a little vacay and rest I'm ready to dive back in.
Over my xmas break I received a ton of amazing feedback for things in my Etsy shop and lots of requests for custom orders! So now my house smells of paint (yuck I know) due to the many trays that are drying in the kitchen:) I love it though! I love doing something creative after a long break! And one good thing about getting a fresh start with the new year is all the projects I am inspired to complete. With a little rest came a big kick in the butt to do all the things I've been WANTING to do for the past few months.
My goal for 2010 is to motivate myself... and not come home to the couch, the tv, and a nice glass of wine. Well... maybe a nice glass of wine, but definitely not the tv and couch! Instead I plan to focus on planning the parties that I've been dreaming up and filling up my Etsy shop with lots of new goodies! Bye bye procrastination! I'd love to hear what all of your goals or resolutions for 2010 are!

One thing I am super excited about this year is my new calendar!

Somehow I'd never been to or heard of Paper Source... I know! A co-worker told me about it and said I was crazy for not knowing about it. It's like a creative person's/crafter's heaven, seriously. I think I spent at least an hour wandering around the little shop in South Coast. My sister had to drag me out:) Moving on, this calendar has a massive page of art for each month. After the month is over, rip off the sheet, turn it over and start to cut and fold along the guidelines for fun projects! Each month you can make things like notecards, pillow boxes, bookmarks... etc. One side is blank and one side has beatiful art! I almost just want to cut it all apart now and make everything! That would ruin the fun though. Only 27 more days to go, woo hoo!

I hope you all had a lovely break and maybe enjoyed a little "recharge" for the new year!