Show and Tell...

Boo! No I'm not in trying to scare you because it's Halloween (ha, I know... that was lame), I'm saying boo because I had a whole fun little layout to show you guys my hostess outfit... but I can't figure out how to post it without being blurry!!! Annoying! So I guess this will have to do:)

I bought this a few weeks ago with no itention of wearing it on Halloween, but it works perfect, right? Since we're not dressing up, it's a good compromise between being costumey and... um, how would you say it, normal party hostess wear???
Then I found this skirt buried beneath the mound of laundry that we had to put away last night... I'm thinking it has purple so it's sort of festive!

These are just a staple with any outfit...

Add some comfy black pumps to cook and serve in:)

Now, this piece... I only want it, I don't actually own it. How darling would it look with the rest of the outfit though!? I have something similar in the closet, I guess that'll do.
ps- wish I owned those arms as well

And there you have it, my Halloween hostess ensemble! Anyone else hosting a little fete this Saturday?
Hopefully I won't get too caught up in hostess mode and I'll actually take some pics to share next week!
Have a fabulous friday ladies!