Picture Perfect

All I read all over Etsy is PHOTOGRAPHY IS EVERYTHING... so all I do all day is click on my Etsy shop and critique my photos. It's settled, i'm taking new ones. I like them, but I like other peoples SO much better!
Anyways, I've been thinking of creative ways to showcase my items. It's hard because you want to keep all of your pictures consistent... so you have to be able to recreate your backdrop every time you want to shoot your product. Grrrr! That's a lot of work, these shops have it down though.

Blackboard backdrop used in oh my deer's shop.

Fabric and doily backdrop used in oh hello friend's shop.

White plank backdrop used in nice package's shop.

Hope the weather is better by this weekend... it's been cloudy. Cloudy=bad pics
I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you have, please share!
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