What's Cookin Good Lookin?

I went from my most elaborate meal being an egg sandwich (cooking an egg in the pan, toasting some bread...) to growing my own herbs for meals! Amazing transformation right? So as I was snipping some basil from my new little garden I planted a few weeks ago, I found some inspiration in the color. I thought I'd put together a grouping of lovely items from Etsy. But first, the inspiration... my basil:)


A lovely little gem that I'm TOTALLY getting once I decide which color::

green ring
found here at laralewis' shop

Very cool print::

green print
available here at stilleto height's shop

Comfy sweater::

green sweater
you can get your own here at replicca's shop

And last but not least, a reason to take a day trip down the coast (in a train of course)::

green train case
grab it here while you can at get ready, set, go's shop!