Introduction to the fam

Almost Wendesday... ya!
I was thinking... once I start to acquire readers, they'll want to get to know me, right? SO, I thought I should start introducing the "kids". I won't include them all in one post (that would be WAY too long). I'll make it more like 1 per week.
Meet Portia. She's my lovely little chihuahua. My mom adopted her about 2 years ago... but I see her a lot, so she's still mine;) (reason, if you're wondering. i don't want her to stay outside all day while i'm workin away at the day job, so with my mom, she gets to sleep in a cushy bed with air conditioning)
Here she is lounging at the Lake.


And another, soaking up some sun in the sand.


Get used to seeing this lovely lady, she likes photo shoots, ha:)
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