How to Host a Rose Tasting at Home

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Sure, wine tasting at a winery or tasting room is fun, but sometimes getting cozy at home is even better. Ok, it's always better;) There are so many wines out there that I'm dying to try, but it would take me forever if I had to do it alone. So getting the girls together and picking a range of rosé's is just much more fun and actually (really... seriously) productive! We get some girl time while also finding our new favorite wines.

I partnered with Brother to share a unique way to host your very own rosé tasting at home. I've always struggled with how to label or differentiate the wines, so adding some customized ribbons to each glass using their P-touch Embellish was the perfect collaboration to solve that problem. Instead of blind tasting, I labeled each wine with where they were from. As I've learned more about wine over the years, I learned that where the wine is from can usually lead you to even more wine that you will love. Here is how I hosted an easy rosé tasting that you can host in your home as well.


At Home Rose Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Host a rose tasting | A Fabulous Fete

Simple ways to set the table

Pick a color palette... and if you want to stay in them (rosé!) make it pink. Pick a pop color and build from there. Each element on the table fit into the color palette. Black is simple, but I didn't want it to look TOO "matchy matchy" so I used varying shades of pink. You probably already have a great color selection at home, so work with what you've got and maybe pick up some pop candlesticks or small dessert plates.

Flowers, or some sort of arrangement is always what pulls my tables together. I stuck with the shades of pink with a touch of white and created an asymmetric centerpiece to balance out the height of the candles on each end.

And finally, I ALWAYS add a little something with movement at each setting. For the tasting it was mini flower bouquets for each guest. You can add a favor, a place card or even a small appetizer. This makes a huge difference, I promise!

DIY Wine Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Simple pink and black dinner table | A Fabulous Fete
Rose Tasting Party | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Rose Tasting Party | A Fabulous Fete

How to set up your tasting

Instead of having tasting notes or cards set up at each glass, for each bottle, I printed out pretty ribbons with the region for each wine and tied them to the glass. It was clutter free, super cute, and stayed with the glass as you tasted and moved them around the table.

I used the P-touch Embellish  to print on their selection of satin ribbons. With 14 fonts and so many ways to lay them out, I could find a fit for any style of party or project. I simply typed the wine region, printed and tied. I always love adding a handmade element to my tables, but this just saved SO much time while still adding some interest. No cutting, waiting for things to dry, etc.

If you wanted to do a blind tasting, you could use the P-touch Embellish to label each glass with a number. Then print out a quick sheet so that people could write down their notes for each number. After the tasting reveal what each wine is!

Host a Rose Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Easy Home Rose Wine Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Rose Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Wine Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Host Your Own Wine Tasting | A Fabulous Fete
Host a Rose Tasting at Home | A Fabulous Fete
DIY Rose Tasting | A Fabulous Fete

So what was my favorite? Hands down the New Zealand rosé. And the flowers. And the bread. 

Have you guys ever hosted a rosé (or really any wine) tasting? How do you set yours up? If you need some assistance, stop by and check out the P-Touch Embellish here. I'll be using mine to wrap gifts, make favors and about 1,000 other projects.

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Images by Dez + Tam Photography