Decorate Your Home for Fall With This Neutral Palette

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We all know it’s coming. In fact, it’s right around the corner.

The next month or two is about to be a blur of orange, yellow, red and green. First, the cartoon turkeys and plastic leaves will take center stage. You may find them accessorized with dried ears of colorful corn or a cornucopia scene that goes all out. But as soon as your wrap your head around that, the next day poof it’s all gone, and scary Santas and inflatable lawn decor take over the neighborhood. As you might have guessed I’m NOT a huge fan of ultra-traditional holiday decor. While I can appreciate it in appropriate places (eg. an elementary school classroom or my grandmother’s house) I always try and go a non traditional holiday route when it comes to decor. To me this means making the house a bit more festive than usual, but also creating something that can last the season. This works especially well if you want to jump on holiday decorating. You can give a cheerful mood in your home without constantly changing out decorations. Here are a few of my tips after sprucing up some areas in my own home.


Simple Fall Decor | A Fabulous Fete


This fall I decided to go with a clean, simple, approach and use a palette of mostly white, creams, and gold. As I’ve shared on instagram (and it’s all in my highlights if you want to see the mess!) my house is under serious renovation. So my space to decorate is in a serious decline. We do still have a little oasis consisting of the kitchen and family room so I’ve focused all my energy on decorating small vignettes to give what living space we have a fall vibe.

Since the white and cream can get a tiny bit boring, I added in these glasses for darker, moodier, leopard flair. I also added these gold taper candle holders to add a bit of modern elegance to the table. I love how the stand is very up to date while the candlesticks still feel classic. And when I feel like I want to add a little formality to a tablescape, taper candles always do the trick. These ones from Cb2 are great because they come in a set of 3 which you can use all together or scatter them around an area.

Honestly, the past few weeks of renovation have really made me appreciate minimalism (or at least my version of it) for a few different reasons… first, I had to pick up all of the shit that has accumulated in our house over the years. It was actually terrifying how dirty and old some of the things in our house were, not to mention useless (i’m talking to you recordable CD’s). Second, you have to clean like, twice a day. And no one wants to pick up 25 different knick-knacks on a side table. Finally, once everything is out of your space, you really begin to appreciate the airiness and light that it can bring into your space. I really don’t want to add much back in at this point.


Fall Neutral Home Decor | A Fabulous Fete
Fall Candles  | A Fabulous Fete
Clean Modern Fall Decor | A Fabulous Fete

So there you have it, a clean, simple area in my home that reminds me it’s fall but without screaming it in my face.

What do you guys think? Is this your vibe too? Am I being too hard on cartoon turkeys and dried ears of corn?