September Mood '17

September Moodboard | A Fabulous Fete

If I could just do moodboards for the rest of my life I would. Pulling together pretty images from all over the place to create one feeling? Yes please. So who knows why I stopped... maybe life. But, I want to bring them back... because they're worth it and they're fun and I want to share some of my favorite images at the moment, maybe a fun quote or illustration, and the overall theme I'm feeling for that month in particular.

Someone said this morning (on instagram) that they woke up and got to put a sweater on because it was 55 degrees out. That is 100% not the case in California so we're going to keep on celebrating summer over here (even though deep down I really want to wear a sweater too). I'm currently leaning towards warmer colors, hoping to plan a few getaways before the cold sets in, and really want to get back into entertaining mode. Between work and real life, I have just wanted to sit on the couch and zone out. But I miss setting a table, or at least a bar cart, planning a menu + cocktail, and really taking time to think out favors and florals (even if they're simple branches and palms). Anyways, here is what's currently on my inspo board helping me channel the September I want;)

Sources: dancer // draped silk // tropical foliage // white top // girl reading // pillows // table setting // straw bag // girl in hat // oranges // mustard ribbon

What's on your moodboard for September?