Rosé Launch Party with Cupcake Vineyards

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Summer rosé party | A Fabulous Fete

A few weeks ago, the many years I have committed to sharing my deep love for wine, finally paid off. I was invited to host a dream party for the launch of Cupcake Vineyards Sparkling and Still Rosé's. With crafts, wine, a gorgeous house, wine, a reason to buy a cute new dress, and more wine... I couldn't have planned a better day myself. While I led the crafts and chatted with the girls about the new wine, life, and of course, instagram, I managed to capture a few of my favorite moments throughout the party and want to share a recap with you today.

Cupcake Vineyards Rosé Launch | A Fabulous Fete
The perfect summer party setting | A Fabulous Fete
Rosé bar setup | A Fabulous Fete

From the balloon filled entrance to the picturesque backyard, there wasn't a spot that wasn't photo ready. The space was ideal for a spring get together to celebrate the wine of the season. The only thing I hoped were different was the temp. That pool was asking to be jumped in while the weather was begging us to keep sweaters on. Literally the one time (ever?!) California decided it wasn't going to be perfect out. But I guess when you have rosé, you can't really have a bad time.

Beverly Hills home party entrance | A Fabulous Fete
Rosé launch party with Cupcake Vineyards | A Fabulous Fete
Cupcake Vineyards launch party recap | A Fabulous Fete

Floral Wine Charm DIY

Our first craft was a fresh flower wine charm. I brought buckets full of fresh blooms that varied from roses to wax flowers to random greenery. Each girl got to choose her color palette and make one (or a few) of their own wine charms. They were basically mini flower crowns for your wine, but I will definitely be sharing the steps in a post later for those of you who have never made a crown. They were so easy! This was such a fun craft to do in a group because they were simple enough that you could chat, sip and craft all at the same time.

Floral wine charm DIY station for Cupcake Vineyards party | A Fabulous Fete
Wine charm DIY | A Fabulous Fete
Fresh flower wine charms | A Fabulous Fete
Flowers for wine charm DIY | A Fabulous Fete
White summer dress for Rosé launch party | A Fabulous Fete

That view though! The house was at the top of Beverly Hills overlooking the city. When the sun graced us with its presence, we were all out snapping away and taking in the sights. 

Beverly Hills home for launch party | A Fabulous Fete
Rosé launch party | A Fabulous Fete
Wine glass confetti station | A Fabulous Fete

Confetti Wine Glass DIY

Our second DIY was a play on the bubbles from the Sparkling Rosé Cupcake Vineyards launched last month. We wanted a way for the girls to decorate and take home glasses, so finding inspiration from the reason we were there was a no brainer. To create the "bubbles" I found some nail art tools online (you can find them here) and brought a ton of rose colored bottles of paint. We dotted the bottoms of the glasses and set them aside to dry while, you guessed it, we enjoyed more wine;)

A wine glass DIY for Rosé launch party | A Fabulous Fete
Wine with a view | A Fabulous Fete
Summer party | A Fabulous Fete

It was a blast hosting and getting to meet a ton of new girls that were local...  and clearly had the same interests as me.

Rosé season is upon us so I recommend grabbing a few bottles of the Cupcake Vineyards Sparkling and Still wine to try out for yourself! You will definitely be seeing much more of it around here.

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