5 to Follow


These are some of my favorite posts and I love/can't wait to put them together. I spend a lot of time finding inspiration on instagram for all different kinds of projects, so I have a fair amount of people I could/should/will share with you that provide inspiration in so many different ways. I've recently had this switch of what I'm looking for on there though. For a long time I followed the typical brands and sites you'd think someone in the wedding industry would... but it started to get redundant (if I'm being honest). I've found that looking for inspiration in travel, style, beauty and fellow stationery peeps has been the best source to keep me motivated. I want to see color and texture and amazing styling and well thought out photos. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorites that range from lifestyle to products. I feel like these are the people that I am consistently looking for on there to see what they posted today.

Who are your faves to follow?

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