How to Identify (and use!) Your Cheese Knives

A guide to all of those cheese knives you have in your drawers, find out what they are actually for! | A Fabulous fete

Maybe this is something I missed in high school... but am I the only one that didn't have a clue which cheese knife went with each cheese? Let's be honest, most utensils that we own are purely bought judged by their looks (so vein). I don't care which we need for our favorite cheeses, I just know I need them all. I got this marble set at Pottery Barn and it came with something I had never seen... a guide that shared what each was for. WHAT?! So I wanted to share that knowledge with you. Slash, it also gave me an excuse for ANOTHER night of wine and cheese;)

Do you know how to correctly pair your knives to your cheeses? Click through to find out on the blog! | A Fabulous fete
Cheese knife guide | A Fabulous Fete

Wide spade- made for slicing firm/semi-firm cheese like Asiago and Manchego

Fork- this is just used to pick up pieces of hard cheeses like Parmesan (I have hands, so pretty sure I won't be using this one)

Spike- used for scraping hard cheese or breaking off the crumbly varieties.

Pronged- deemed the "classic", best for firm or hard as it has a serrated edge AND the pronged tip for serving. Use this with your basics like Gouda, Cheddar and Gruyere.

Shop Tabled cheeseboard, small enough for tucking in your carry on or weekend bag!  | A Fabulous fete
A wine and cheese night is not complete without a little prosecco | A Fabulous fete
Finally, how to pair your cheese knives with the correct cheese (it's ok, we didn't know either) | A Fabulous fete

Well, I feel a little smarter, do you? I also feel like there are a hundred other kitchen tools I am probably using wrong now... do you guys have any that keep you guessing?


Knives- Pottery Barn

Cheeseboard- Tabled

Napkins- Pottery Barn

Glasses- Karen Walker

Table and glassware courtesy of The Ace ;)