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BlogRX Retreat | A Fabulous Fete

Ladies and gents, this has been a long time in the making. Sharon and I have been wanting to host a retreat for years and years. Most years it ended up becoming overwhelming and scary, so we invited our girls out for a weekend of fun and relaxation instead (with some biz talk on the side). But this year, we finally took the leap and launched BlogRX Retreat. We want to share all that we know about defining your brand for your blog or business with those of you that feel like you are spinning your wheels and are just stuck. We want to teach you why you shouldn't be marketing yourself to EVERYONE. We want to help you find your tribe. So, with my creative outlook on defining your brand, to Sharon's back end expertise in ways to help you grow and meet your goals, we'll give you the tools and advice to get that momentum back in your biz. Plus, there's mimosa's, happy hour, a pool, and us... all of which basically guarantee a good time.

We opened registration to the public TODAY so stop by, read what it's all about and if you're ready to invest in taking your blog or business to the next level, join us on August 6th in Palm Springs! There are only a few spots as we want to keep it intimate and be able to work with all of you, so don't miss out! 

You can also email us with any questions or concerns or to say hello;)

blogrxretreat (at) gmail (dot) com