What You Guys Really Want | Survey Recap

So who took this survey I posted a while back? Well, the results are in (I had to get our winner their custom print first, priorities) and they were actually super surprising. Topics I've been spinning my wheels on, trying to come up with content for (but just wasn't feeling it lately), is not really on the top of your lists. And other topics I've been hesitant to introduce, because I haven't shared a lot of posts written on them, you guys actually want to see more of! So in the end, it was kind of a relief to see that the majority of us were on the same page... and I CAN expand the topics a bit, and you guys won't leave me talking to myself all the time;) Alright, so are you ready to dive into what the people said? Here we go.

There were a lot of different questions, multiple choice and open spaces to leave your comments, but overall, these were some of the most measurable results. What topped the charts as your fave posts to read? Real wedding suites, inspiration boards, calligraphy advice and business advice.

A Fabulous Fete Survey Results

Who is the average reader? A fairly new (to the blog) inspiration sourcing 24-30 year old. My guess was literally the opposite.

What else came from the survey?

What keeps you guys coming back... you gals love the calligraphy inspiration, and even if you aren't into hand lettering, a lot of you stop in to see it just because, and I love that! Secondly, for the style that is infused to all the posts, and in my opinion, what keeps this blog cohesive. With pinterest and the all of the other inspiration that is so heavily influenced by trends, I hope you can find something new here to inspire you. And lastly, one of the things you like seeing here are the party and decor ideas. Lots of you actually use this space as a little library for when you're looking for party or decorating advice and inspiration. I think one of our goals as bloggers is to become a resource for you, our readers, so it's exciting to hear that you are using it exactly as I intend every time I publish a post!

So you love whats here, but what do you want to see more of? Lots and lots of requests for more business posts. I've heard you all loud and clear whether it's here, on instagram, or in an email. And posts are in the works to get you all on the right path in business, or... at least learn from my mistakes and skip the hard stuff;) You also want more behind the scenes. Understandable.. styled content is easy to share, it's pretty. Behind the scenes isn't always as good looking which is why people don't often let you in. But with my recent attempt at snapchat (like, a few days ago, find me if you would like to witness the train wreck I've surely created on there @afabulousfete) I think i'll get more comfortable with it and definitely share more of the process here (did you see what i was shooting on this week? ew) Another biq request was more home/travel/personal posts. Done and done. This is the easiest content to create, just sharing small updates every now and again on what you have been and are currently up to. I guess I just needed to hear people wanted to see it!

Moorten Botanical Garden Palm Springs | A Fabulous Fete

I really do hope that the variety of answers we got represents the majority of you guys! You won't see a huge shift, but we will definitely be focusing our efforts on including more of the info that you requested, and less of what ranked low on the charts... although, they're still all topics that I love so they would never disappear (like DIY's, they ranked the lowest, I was surprised on that one!). There were also a ton of other comments, encouragement and constructive feedback, which I always welcome, so I'd still love to hear from you in the comments if you missed out on the survey.

Can't wait to bring you more of what you guys love;)