A Month In Review | December

To start, can I say how annoying these short days are? Does this ruin your instagram's in the winter too? Kind of kidding.. but really. It just needs to stay light out again so I don't have to rush and share all my projects in the morning. Other than that, December was a good month. For the first time in a long time, I didn't freak out over holiday parties (you guys, I went to zero!), spending a billion dollars on presents, or having the perfect plans on NYE. We spent time with family, drank wine, ate good food, traveled with our dogs, and actually took some real time off. It was pretty good.

But hey, it's jan, let's make some new goals (speaking of goals, did you see the printable yesterday we created for Wilde House? Get it.). We had an 8 hour ride back from Sedona last week and it was the perfect time to make lots of lists.

1. Oh hey, remember I was talking all about that wholesale biz? Well, working on it. I'm working on some new cards and stamps, these are what are coming easiest to me creatively. Keeping it small and simple at first. Goals intimidate me and then I don't do them if they are too large;)

2. Did you see my word of the year over on instagram? Yep, I'm working on that and making it a monthly goal to make real changes in work and home life. Right now, for work, it mostly means making the most of my time an creating quality pieces for my clients. I zone off very easily and lose track of time. I don't want that to show in my work, so less multitasking, more focus on the project on the table, and not calling it complete until it's MY best. For home/life, it means (mostly) kicking my F21 shopping habit and investing in decent things that I NEED. Like, I've literally had one pair of jeans for the past year or two because I don't want to spend money on new ones. BUT, I have no problem going to Target and purchasing a cart full or things that are on sale and I don't really need... which in the end cost probably double what I would've spent on those jeans. It's not just clothes. It's things around the house. Boring adult things (hey tires!). You get it.

So did you guys set resolutions, goals, or nothing at all this year?