7 Steps to a Festive Fall Wine and Cheese Night | Entertaining

Fall Wine and Cheese Night | A Fabulous Fete

Wine and cheese are my go-to's when entertaining. I mix it up from time to time, but in a pinch, this is the easiest combo for me to throw together quickly. I love that you can make a wine and cheese night as simple or as fancy as you'd like with just a few thoughtful details. To celebrate the arrival of fall, I've partnered with Seven Daughters to share a few simple steps to creating a cozy and festive fall get together for friends!

Fall Wine and Cheese Party | A Fabulous Fete
Cozy Spot for Entertaining | A Fabulous Fete

1. Choose a cozy spot in your home and deck it out with pillows and blankets. Cheese plates are meant to be enjoyed casually over lingering conversations, so create that vibe for guests in your home. 

Fall Entertaining | A Fabulous Fete
Fall Pumpkin Decor  | A Fabulous Fete

2. Skip the traditional bright pumpkins and outfit your table with the more decorative versions. They make great centerpieces and instantly make it feel like fall... even if you're still enjoying summer weather like we are here!

Wine and Cheese Night Ideas | A Fabulous Fete
Fall Flowers | A Fabulous Fete

3. Add a moody palette of flowers + greens. Most places even have them pre packaged as their "fall" selection! Simple greens also work great without any flowers at all. Tuck a few branches in a jar and style with your pumpkins.

Simple Eucalyptus as table decor | A Fabulous Fete
White Roses | A Fabulous Fete
Mini Cheese Boards | A Fabulous Fete

4. Go against the urge to serve your cheese selections on a traditional platter and create mini boards for each guest. The wood accent will add a rustic fall touch to your table setting too. 

Individual Servings | A Fabulous Fete
Entertain with Individual Cheese Boards | A Fabulous Fete

5. Pick 3 cheeses that will satisfy everyones cravings. I always choose a soft cheese (brie), and hard cheese (gruyere) and a strong one (blue). This is where you can keep it simple, or add in your favorite pairings like honey, fruit, or olives.

How to choose cheese for your party | A Fabulous Fete
Wine and cheese pairings | A Fabulous Fete

6. Add wine to pair with your different cheese selections. To go with the 3 above, I love to serve the Seven Daughters Chardonnay with the Gruyere, Pinot Noir with the Brie and the Cab with the Blue Cheese.

Wine Pairings | A Fabulous Fete
Fall Cheese Boards | A Fabulous Fete

7. Prep a mellow playlist. My favorite at the moment is a mix on pandora of Lana Del Rey, Sia and Phantogram. It's great for both entertaining and working... so I basically never turn it off.

Cozy indoor entertaining for fall | A Fabulous Fete

Follow these steps and you'll be on track to create the perfect fall wine and cheese night. What are your tips for hosting your own?

Post in partnership with Seven Daughters Wine.