A Month In Review || July

It's okay that we're already a week (almost two) in August and i'm still here recapping July right? Wedding season plus 15 other new projects are filling out my days quite nicely! This has really been the first season that i've offered full paper items for weddings, from invites all the way through day off pieces. And there have been so many new things added, it's taken a little getting used to. I still manage to share plenty on instragram though, as the recap below is proving.

Last months goals (seen here) have rolled on over to August. Watercolor lettering kit is in it's final stage! I'd say by the next recap we'll actually have some images up above instead of talking about it down here in my goals;) And the second, my wholesale line… this has shifted directions slightly… definitely in a more exciting direction. I can't share too much of that yet, but stick around here and on instagram and i'll be sharing peeks into what's going on with that.

I've been a bit of a social media slacker. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest always come last on my to-do list when things get busy. So my goal for this (or at least the rest of!) month will be to get back on track there. I love sharing things besides just my own posts. And taking a few minutes out at the beginning of my day is such a small piece of my time, totally doable.

What are your goals this month? Share in the comments below! I love hearing what you guys are up to.