Hand Lettered Washi Tape || DIY

I've had my eye on some custom tape for A Fabulous Fete. And while researching that, I realized fun tape with customized words or quotes wasn't really available. So I experimented with my own tapes, pens and markers and found the simple way to make your own! It's one of those things you should do while watching your favorite show… tedious, but doesn't involve too much thought. I love this idea to have on hand for favor bags, or personalizing for your wedding.

You will need:

  • Water based sharpie paint pen with an extra fine tip
  • small cocktail/coffee straw
  • washi tape

Start on a smooth clean surface and extend your tape. Use your paint pen to letter words, quotes, your wedding date, etc. You could do something simple, like thank you, or come up with lots of different words to mix up. I did a party theme for my first roll.

Let this section dry, then place the straw at the end of the tape. Begin to roll it up around the straw. Work your way through the tape in long sections, letting each section dry before you roll it up.

Trim the straw on each end.


What would you write on yours?