Learn how to Digitize your Lettering + a Giveaway!

Calligraphy fans, I have something fun for you today. You probably already follow the ladies over at Besotted. It was one of the first blogs I read when I start learning calligraphy! Now, years later, we are finally teaming up to share some great tools with you guys. Tristan and Michelle recently launched Vitamin L25, 25 Photoshop actions that help you clean up your scans or smartphone photos of your lettering. Once you've taken your lettering from paper to the computer, you can easily create gorgeous layered images with your words.

To show you the process, the girls at Besotted Brand took a photo I sent them, and in just a few steps, made it a usable file. I created a brush (which you can learn how to do in their class too!), and stamped it over some watercolor I had created a few weeks ago. All of these images came from my phone!


They want to help you guys too, so we've teamed up on a fun giveaway to get one lucky letterer started. All you have to do is leave a comment (details below) and we'll pick one winner to receive Vitamin L25 (the photoshop actions) AND access to their Photoshop for Lettering Artists class on Skillshare!

Also check out the Besotted Blog for lots of inspiration + resources!