The Coco-Mosa || Cocktails

I'll admit it. It takes fewer and fewer cocktails to ruin my Sunday morning (if you no what I mean). So I'm always looking for ways to infuse them with healthy ingredients that may ease the after cocktail pain some of use experience. Coconut water is a no brainer. It's super hydrating, the perfect addition to counteract the effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, it doesn't have that sweet coconut flavor. That's why we gave it a little boost and then mixed it with one of our favorite ingredients. Champagne!


  • Pink sparkling wine
  • Coconut extract
  • Coconut water
  • Sliced citrus fruit


  • Mix 2-4 oz. of coconut water in a shaker with a dash of coconut extract and ice. Shake, strain into a glass and top with chilled sparkling wine and sliced citrus to garnish.