7 Steps to a Simple 4th of July Bash || Entertaining

I'm not typically a huge decorator for 4th of July parties. I LOVE having them, but any decor that involves mixing primary colors, I usually stay away from. I know there are others out there like me. Ladies who love some festive decor, but don't want it to look like you raided the red, white and blue aisle at the party store. So, I'm here with 7 tips on how to decorate and host a simple 4th of July party for your closest pals! Pick your favorite color out of the palette (red, white or blue) and follow these steps.

One. Prepare a simple cocktail with an all-American detail. I shared this red wine and Coke cocktail a few months ago here. It's the perfect combo to throw in an ice bucket and let guests make themselves. Mix a blend of half Seven Daughters Rich Red Wine, and half Coke. Top ice and finish with a straw.

Two. Build a burger bar! Pull a few pieces of your most interesting glassware and fill them with ingredients that make up your perfect burger. This leaves you to focus on grilling, not prepping burgers for your whole party.

Three. Remember that pop of color I had you choose? Here's your chance to put it into action. Pick up some carnations at your grocery store (yes, strangely they even come in blue) and string up a festive garland. I love making these because they're super easy but super impressive. I'm sure you've seen them on the blog a few times! All you need is a long needle, thread, and your carnations with the stems trimmed off. Thread the carnations in the same direction and hang. These last a few days, so you can leave it up all weekend.

Four. Focus on arrangements in a single color. I went with white since I already had my pop of red in the garland. White is usually the most available in different flowers. Tuck your blooms in an interesting vase (go with something neutral and/or embellished with a simple detail).

Five. Prep your dessert ingredients the day before and assemble the day of. These are a quick layering of madeline's, cool whip and strawberry slices. Pre-slice your berries and flatten out your cookies (I cut them to be flat on top) for easy assembly right before guests arrive.

Six. Wrap up silverware for each guest ahead of time so it's easy for them to grab and go. You can also tuck your napkins inside so you don't have to worry about them flying away outside.

Seven. Can't have fireworks? Fill mini glassine bags with star confetti for friends to toss. Sure, it's probably going to leave a mess...but confetti messes are the prettiest ones.

Remember that besides your pop color, keep everything pretty neutral. I introduced touches of wood, rope and tin for a slightly rustic feel. How do you guys decorate for the fourth?

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All images by Jessica M Wood Photography