A Month in Review | October

Another month gone, so let's recap. October sucked the creativity out of me. I don't know what it was, but it felt like pulling teeth trying to keep up with instagram! It's usually one of my favorite things to do... it must have been the lack of content. I was used to having TOO many things to share in the summer with all of the weddings. But it's cool. This month I made it a point to create just for myself, try out new ideas, and just write and paint for fun. It ended in some pretty awesome little pieces so it all worked out. Here's to hoping November brings less teeth pulling days and more flowing creativity to share instead;)

How was your October? Let's talk goals... last month I decided to ignore the fact that I had any goals the month prior. So we can't check in. But, I can work towards a new one this month instead. I've been working slowly but surely to get some products finished for a new wholesale line coming soon to etsy. I want to create items that any bride can pick up and customize something for their big day with a little calligraphy... at a smaller price tag. I know it's not in everyone's budget to have custom work done, so I think this is an awesome alternative. My goal was to have it all lined up by December so that it could be out in the world by 2016, so here's to hoping the new year brings lots of new products for that!

Are there any of you out there running businesses and wondering how others go about planning and executing new products? It might be something fun to share on here? Hmm... could be cool, with pretty printables to help you plan of course;)