Get Thankful | Printable

If you guys are anything like me, you're still planning your turkey day tables capes. So I have a little freebie today to help you out.

One year, I made all of our guests go around the table and share one thing they were thankful for. I will admit, people got awkward, but after we got through that, it was fun and thoughtful and got people talking and laughing. Totally worth it. After that, I figured if everyone could just write down their thoughts and throw it in a bowl to be read later, it might get people to open up a little more

So print these for your guests, let them fill out before dinner, then with dessert, let everyone pull one from a bowl and read aloud. Such a fun way to end dinner, right?

What traditions do you have? Do you guys go around and share what you’re thankful for on thanksgiving?


Images by Dez + Tam Photography