Why Gift Giving Will Never Be the Same + A Giveaway

I know I did my September recap, but really guys... how is it October already? Between hectic life schedules, jam packed work schedules and trying to fit in a meal and workout, I find it almost impossible to take the time out and shop anymore. So when something important roles around, like a birthday, milestone, or any celebration, i'm usually driving buy the grocery store on the way to a party picking up a gift card, wine and some flowers. Not the most thoughtful thing. And when that doesn't happen? I tell tell them we'll have drinks the following week and I'll give it to them then. So dumb (how do I still have friends?)

When I had the chance to partner with Sesame Gifts and share them with you, it couldn't have come at a better time (I had just pulled that line on a friend the week prior). No more gifts that aren't thoughtful, and no more jumping around from store to store to find the perfect thing, it was all here.

Sesame Box | A Fabulous Fete
Gift Mailer | A Fabulous Fete

Sesame gifts has an app, which was right up my alley for filling up time wasted on daily things (sitting in the waiting room for an appointment? in line at the store?). You shop, buy, and send to your pal, sister, mom, neighbor, whoever is deserving. I was so excited to see brands that I already purchase for myself in almost all of the boxes (even some brands I'm friends with, so cool!). The best part was, it only took a few minutes to order and I didn't have to be on my computer to do it, although you can be!

This little travel set I got in the mail for myself (well, i had to try it out for myself to make sure it was okay for my friends, right?) came perfectly packaged in it's box, just like a gift complete with a note... from myself to myself, but you get the idea;) I can't wait to take all of the little goodies in my carry on for our next trip.

Packing for a trip | A Fabulous Fete
Rifle Paper Notebooks | A Fabulous Fete

With gifts for men, women, kids and all different interests, i'm excited to finally have a way to gift things that I know the recipients will love.

Right now, if you spend $100 on Sesame Gifts you receive $20. Download their app or stop by the site and see what you just can't live without. They also have weekly giveaways on their instagram, @sesamegifts if you want to give them a follow!

Easy Gifting | A Fabulous Fete

Now for the giveaway, there's something for a few of you as well! I have 5 unique codes for 5 of you to try out Sesame Gifts for yourself. With the code, you will receive $15 off any Sesame Gift, here's how to enter!

- Stop by Sesame Gifts and pick out your fave

- Come back here and leave a comment on the blog post with your choice (required)

- Make sure to enter your info in the Rafflecopter widget, this is how I pick the random winners!

Next Wednesday I will pick 5 winners and send your codes on over!

This post is in partnership with Sesame but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.