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Who is

The Library


No. 1 - Creative Entrepreneurs (bloggers, calligraphers, etsy shop owners, influencers, designers, podcasters, speakers, writers, florists, event and wedding planners, shop owners, etc.)

No. 2 - Someone who wants content to keep their platforms fresh with minimal effort (because you've got better things to spend your time on!)

No. 3 - Creatives looking for an original take on stock resources to fill in the gaps

Improve your social media content
Improve your social media content
Improve your social media content


What is The Library?

Our library is where you want to be when you have nothing to post on social media, when you are struggling to create a graphic that promotes your latest blog post on instagram stories, when you need a quick template to use for a freebie in your newsletter, or when you are struggling to create a consistent strategy for your online presence.

We provide all of that to you every month as a member of our Creative Library. Our library will house beautiful images and graphics that are there for you when you need them. With a new theme each month, you will always have fresh content at your fingertips while keeping your identity consistent.

Every month, our team creates original assets that will be uploaded to your personal library. Download it, save it to your computer, and start creating what you need to attract your ideal customers.



each month?

No. 1 - 15 edited stock photos

No. 2 - 9 social templates; 3 designs laid out 3 ways for easy use on instagram, instagram stories + Facebook

No. 3 - 1 worksheet template for creating your own freebies

No. 4 - Strategy Guide: How to use the content and direction for creating your social media strategy 

No. 5 - A color palette to keep you cohesive throughout the month (as part of the guide)

No. 6 - Printable worksheets inside of your guide to create a monthly strategy, brainstorm ideas and design your editorial calendar

No. 7 - 20% off your purchase of all images in our stock shop


YOUR Investment

Think about it this way...

The average stock photo can cost anywhere from $5 - $10

Social media templates can cost you up to $30, and that is just for ONE platform

And worksheet templates? You can't find a decent one for under $15

You could easily spend over $200 each month purchasing all of these separately.

And let's not get into how much time it will take you to find individual products in a cohesive palette and style. Using just ONE of the pieces in our monthly release is worth it for your business!



$40 per month - You aren't locked in - Cancel at any time



$35 / month - Pay upfront ($210) for 6 months

a 12% discount on our Monthly plan


How does it work?

Step One

Grab your free trial. Sign up for our newsletter below and gain access to the free sample library.  Download is available immediately and you can start using today!

Step Two

Pick a membership tier and sign up. Receive immediate access to the complete free library AND the current month’s library.

Step Three

Log-in anytime between the 1st and last day of each month moving forward and download your monthly assets.

10 Ways to use the content you receive each month

No. 1 - instagram posts

No. 2 - blog post imagery

No. 3 - static imagery on your website

No. 4 - instagram stories

No. 5 - facebook promotions

No. 6 - newsletter content

No. 7 - freebies for your audience

No. 8 - promoting blog posts, events or services

No. 9 - planning your editorial calendar

No. 10 - creating a social strategy for your business

Why you should share better content

No. 1 - The top 3 content marketing tactics are social media content (83%), blogs (80%), and email newsletters (77%). Make sure you are prepared with all of the tools to hit those areas and grab your customers' attention!

No. 2 - There are 800 million Monthly Active Users on Instagram, 71% of whom are Americans.

No. 3 - Social media profiles help you dominate first search result page in a more natural way, which further increases profits.

No. 4 - Social media presence has become vital to earn customers’ trust.

Improve your social media content



Asset Information

can i see a sample of what i will receive?

Of course! Sign up for the newsletter above and get a FREE month! Content on this page (above) is also taken from our library.

Do i have to give you image credit?

No you do not. However, our lawyers tell us that you can't make any claims that you are the creator of the content (read more in our terms here)

How large are the files i will receive?

Images are 1500px wide and 72dpi. Templates are 8.5 x 11 psd/pdfs. Social templates are saved at the max size per platform, 72dpi.

do i have to know how to use editing programs to use all of the content?

It is helpful to know Photoshop basics in order to easily edit the Worksheet Template as we have set up layers for you to simply type in your text and save. All other files are .jpgs and can be used directly on your phone or imported into your editing program of choice!

Are there restrictions on how I can use all of the content you provide?

Images are meant to be used as any stock photography would be. You can post as is, add a text overlay, use in a blog post or use as an image on your site. You may not alter the images or claim that they are your own. You may not sell or redistribute any of our imagery.

Social templates can have text or images added to them. They're great for promoting blog posts, shop sales, events, etc! You may not sell or redistribute any of our designs.

Worksheet templates are for creating your own promotional freebie. Type in your text (tips, instructions, DIY, etc.) and send to your newsletter subscribers or use as a download on your blog. These are only to be distributed for free. You may not use them to make a profit.

Read our Terms of Use here.

Do I have access to all past libraries?

No, only the current month is available for download. In the future, past assets may be available for individual purchase. If you lose your downloads, you can contact us and we will send your files directly to you.

Schedule and Billing

When do I receive the new content each month?

On the first of each month (or following business day) you will have access to the new content in your personal library at 12pm PST. We will send out reminders, via an emailed newsletter, to members to remind them to stop by and download. Make sure you stay subscribed to the newsletter to receive these!

How do I change my billing information?

As a member, you can head over to our "log-in" page and click on the "My Profile" link on the bottom left to access your account information. Make sure to click on My Profile BEFORE entering your log-in information. You will be re-directed to a new page to enter your username and password.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

If your CC is declined (charged on the FIRST of each month), you will instantly lose access to the library. Don't worry, we'll email you and let you know. Once you have updated your payment info, you will regain access.

When will I be billed?

All new memberships are charged to your credit card immediately. They will renew on the first of the month moving forward. All subscription tiers (include the 6 month and 1 year) AUTOMATICALLY renew. Please mark your calendars if you do not plan on renewing as we cannot offer refunds.

Can I get a refund if I forget to cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, since you gain instant access, we cannot offer refunds. We do have reminder emails set up that will come via Stripe. You will receive one of those 3 days prior to being charged in case you'd like to update your membership.

Accessing your Assets

How long do I have to download each month?

You have from the 1st of the month at 12pm until the last day of the month at 9am. Content will be removed on the last day of the month and be replaced with the new month's content on the first.

What happens if I lose past content? Can I download it again?

Yes! While we cannot archive assets in your library, we will be happy to resend them to you. Send us an email with the email you subscribed with and the Edition Number to retrieve old files.

Can I purchase content from past months?

Yes! But not quite yet. We will be sure to announce once this is available.

When that happens, old content will be sold individually on a case by case basis. For example, we may pick a few of our favorite stock photos from Edition No. 2 - October 2018 and add them to our shop for you to buy individually. It is not guaranteed that any will be resold, they will be hand chosen each month by our team. And it will always be MUCH more cost efficient to be a member and receive it all for your subscription cost.

If I cancel my subscription, do I lose access right away?

No, you will have full access until the end of your billing cycle.


Still have questions? Email us below!

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