halloween head vase // diy

i like halloween. i don't love it. we don't get crazy with our costumes or the decor, and i really hate that i have to have a bag of chocolate in my house that i can't eat and have to give away for free. i do like to add some creepy details around the house though. no cobwebs or spiders, those are gross. i did find some cool pieces at the craft store though that i wanted to give a little halloween touch. the first up today, this styrofoam head form. i'm assuming it's for displaying hats, headbands, that sort of thing. but i wanted to turn it into a creepy halloween vase!

you'll need a

styrofoam head like this

, spray paint, a small glass vase or bottle, and a sharp tool (screwdrivers work great)

use your sharp tool or screwdriver to carve a circle the size of your vase and dig out a hole that it will fit in tightly. once it is deep enough insert the vase.

spray your head black. it takes 2-3 coats as the paint will soak in more in some areas.

then grab some flowers and foliage and create your arrangement in your new spooky vase!

it makes the perfect piece to add to your bar.

how are you guys decorating for halloween?