How to Host a Simple Craft Night with Your Girls This Summer

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If there is one thing my friends and I are great at, it's hoarding inspiration for projects that we want to do "someday". So recently, we've been making a point of getting together to chat a little business, sip a little wine, and attempt to craft all of those things you see on pinterest and instagram. 

With summer here, we decided to take it to the outdoors. Keeping it simple, we created a cozy little area around our fire pit stocked with everything we needed to keep us busy (and hydrated;) for the evening.


Craft night essentials | A Fabulous Fete
Craft supplies | A Fabulous Fete

As I mentioned in my post here, we have a lot of concrete in our yard. To soften it up (and actually make it comfy enough to sit for a few hours), we piled on the blankets and pillows to stick with our girls night color scheme, lots of pink;) We added in our bucket of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio on ice, some sweets to snack on and of course, beautiful blooms to accent the space.

We wanted to try our hand at crafting some wall hangings, so I picked up lots of yarn, driftwood, metal hoops and a few pieces of copper tube. With no real plan in mind (but lots of pictures to find inspiration from!) we dreamt up our own creations and got to work.

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Easy supplies you can grab for a girls craft night | A Fabulous Fete
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We kept the food light and fun. Sometimes planning a whole meal for several people can get a little stressful, so I wanted to be sure that we weren't focusing on that, but still had some of our faves. One of our friends is the donut queen, so she brought an amazing selection from a local shop. They added lots of color to our little spread and were a fun treat.

Since we did have so much frill and pink, I added in a few natural touches of wood and straw to balance it out. We kept our wine chilled in a wood bowl and the rest of our supplies in woven baskets. I also garnished the ice bucket with some fresh flowers, because why not?! It's a girls night, get as creative as you want!


How I hosted a simple craft night in our backyard | A Fabulous Fete
Easy supplies to pick up for a DIY night! | A Fabulous Fete
Essentials for a girls craft night in the yard | A Fabulous Fete
Summer craft night with the girls | A Fabulous Fete
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All About the Supplies

Like I said, we were interested in experimenting with wall hangings, and since we all have pretty neutral decor in our homes that is the style I stayed within when I was purchasing supplies. Here's what I picked up at our local craft store:

  • painted pieces of driftwood
  • metal hoops (can find in the embroidery/yarn section)
  • string and yarn in different colors and textures
  • small copper tubes (from the hardware store)

How We Did It

We all brought a few screenshots of wall hangings we had seen and decided to take it from there. Using a small drill bit, we made holes in our drift wood and attached them using yard and string to the hoops and copper pipe. Weaving the string in and out of each different piece we created patterns around the hoops, tassels on the driftwood and shapes coming from the pipe. Playing around with the pieces we had led to more creative creations than we had originally planned on!

Girls craft night | A Fabulous Fete
Wood wine bucket with flowers | A Fabulous Fete
DIY wall hangings | A Fabulous Fete

Some took much longer than others, and some just weren't picture ready;) This was one of our faves at the end of the night though! I loved that we didn't have a plan on exactly how to make these, but it got everyone to step outside of the box and use their creativity in a new way!

If you are planning your own craft night, I would really recommend giving people freedom. So have a general idea, grab supplies, and then let them take it from there! I just wish we could do this more often. It's great for all of us to try things outside of how we use our creativity everyday.

And wine, that always helps the creativity flow!


Cheers! | A Fabulous Fete

We had such a fun time (and were stuffed full of wine and donuts) and can't wait to recreate this night again with a different craft! I think the key for a successful night is keeping the project pretty simple so that you can still talk, move around and have a glass of wine (or two).

Have you ever hosted a craft night? What did you guys make? 

Post in partnership with Santa Margherita Wines

Images by Kimi Domino 

Flowers by Beautiful Savage Flowers