The Weekly To-Do List | Printable

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The time has come for all of us to set over the top/excessive expectations and goals for ourselves yahoo! Just kidding, hopefully by now you... we... I... have learned to make smaller changes. Of course goal setting is great and necessary, but let's be reasonable. I'm not going to work out every day, I'm not going to cut sugar and cheese and wine out of my life, and I'm probably (but I still have my fingers crossed) not going to be a millionaire at the end of 2016. I CAN make small steps every week to get closer though.

I've been meeting up with a little group monthly where we all chat about business, goals, life and basically just keep each other accountable for what we say we'll do. Since starting that I've noticed that making small weekly goals and lots of lists help me stay on track. Megan and I created this weekly to-do list printable for Wilde House to do just that. Pick 3 major tasks to get done each day, plan out your workout or make a mini health goal each day, and decide on your #mood for the day, because it's fun.

Free Weekly To-Do List Printable by Wilde House Paper | A Fabulous Fete

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