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Wilde House Paper February Box | A Fabulous Fete

Do you remember back in elementary school when Valentines Day was like... super fun? Seems like after that, the pressures of having someone to celebrate with started to give me anxiety. And now, being married, it's hard enough to come up with thoughtful gifts for christmas and birthdays after almost 8 years... add on Valentines Day (which is 3 days before ryan's birthday), you've got me running around like a maniac trying to come up with something cute he's not going to throw in the back of his closet.

So, I am VERY happy to report that Megan and I have put together the cutest box for February to bring back all the fun feelings we used to get back in the day. This is literally the most excited I've been about this "holiday" in probably 20 years.

Wilde House February Moodboard | A Fabulous Fete

Megan puts together these killer moodboards to share the vibe of the month. You can read more about our inspiration here. And below, a little sampling of the color palette we are designing in to.

Wilde House February Color Palette | A Fabulous Fete

Yes, we're all still celebrating love day with our special someone's, but if you want to add a little fun back in, whether that's with your gal pal's or you're just gonna keep it all for yourself (no judgement) you can grab a February Box here!