Lauren is the creator, hand letterer and stylist behind all of the content that lives on AFF. Her space here focuses on not only entertaining and  celebrating every moment you can, but also her love for lettering + creating wedding stationery, decorating her home, behind the scenes of running her business and her downtime in between.

Born in Southern California, Lauren has spent her years focusing on her creative endeavors while changing paths several times along the way. She graduated from FIDM with her degree in Fashion Design and dedicated her post-college years to a clothing company which is where she was inspired to start this blog (spending your days in a grey cubicle will do that to creatives). After launching A Fabulous Fete in 2009, it remained a hobby and place to share things that inspired her. Lauren filled her extra time with creating handmade products for her etsy shop, trying to start a 'party in a box' site and finally, giving wedding planning a shot. While none of those careers really held her interest, blogging and lettering were what continualy kept her inspired. So, in 2012, she quit her "day job" and jumped into the blogging world + hand lettering profession full time.

Currently, Lauren runs several divisions of AFF from hand lettering to content creation with the help of her team. When she isn't at the office, you will find her somewhere by the beach with a glass of prosecco, lounging in her backyard with her husband and dogs, or picking out the perfect bouquet of blooms at one of her favorite flower stands.