Envelope addressing can add a special touch to any invitation or card. Whether it's for a wedding, party or just to say thank you. If you're interested in envelope addressing, please fill out the form below. Lead time for addressing typically runs around 3 weeks.

*Note: If you need envelope addressing as part of a wedding suite, please fill out the invitations form here.

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Requested Timeframe for Completion
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  • What is the difference between "traditional" calligraphy and "watercolor" lettering?
    • Traditional is done with a calligraphy pen/nib and opaque calligraphy ink, you can see an example here. The watercolor version is created with a brush and watercolor paint, you can see an example here. Opaque lettering is also done with a brush, but we can use opaque ink rather than watercolor.
  • Are envelopes included?
    • Yes, unless you would like to provide your own. The starting prices show pricing with envelopes included.
    • If you'd like to provide your own envelopes, please allow for extra time to test requested color/ink on your envelopes. 20% overs must be included in your order.
  • How do I send my list to you?
    • In excel format with separate columns for each item
      • name
      • address line 1
      • address line 2
      • city
      • state
      • zip code
      • country
  • Can I send you names as I get them?
    • We only accept 2 versions of your list if you'd like to start early with only part of your guest list. You may send one to start and a separate copy following that. All changes and additions will be billed accordingly.
  • Can I rush my order?
    • Please email us first, in some cases rush orders can be accommodated for an additional 20%.