I thought I knew what my calling was in high school... fashion design. I pursued my passion, graduated from FIDM, had a few jobs and finally landed a full time gig in a cubicle (hooray?). After a year or so, I knew I needed something creative (because excel and meetings to follow up on our last meeting was just not doing it for me), so I started A Fabulous Fete. I was happiest when we had our friends and family around and I had the chance to entertain, and that is what I wanted the focus of my blog to be. It was a slow start. It was a hobby and I never had any intention of it allowing me to quit my job at the time.

But 3 years later, I had started an etsy shop, taught myself calligraphy, was actually working with brands I loved on my blog, and knew it was time to choose. 

I'm now working from my home office creating anything you could ever need for your wedding (as long as it has hand lettering involved) and dreaming up content for this blog. It's my dream job that I didn't even know existed. And I feel super lucky every day to have created it for myself.

No, I don't always have a calligraphy pen or paintbrush in my hand... those extra hours are spent running with my friends, testing cocktails with my husband Ryan, walking our dogs Niko + Portia, drinking wine with the girls, or drinking more wine with friends and fam on mini weekend getaways (a new favorite now that i own my own business;) Thanks for checking out my little space on the internet, enjoy!
- Lauren